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With over 30 years of manufacturing PVC-U sash windows,  our directors have worked on the boards of the GGF, FENSA and BFRC, but quite possibly, you may never have heard of Masterframe Windows Ltd. You may be considering changing supplier or you may be completely new to PVC-U sash windows.

While our name may be unfamiliar, our accreditations will assure you of our high standards.

  • BBA

    20,000-cycle endurance test for “whole of life” performance

    The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is the UK’s major authority offering approval and certification services to manufacturers and installers alike. They make sure we do as we claim, so you can rest assured knowing someone else is looking out for your interests.

    BBA Approval is recognised by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers and industry insurers like the NHBC. Because our manufacturing facility is BBA certified, you can be confident that every window we make, meets the highest standard.

    Performance guaranteed

    The BBA was set up on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government to provide independent testing. This validates claims made by manufacturers that their products conform to regulations and perform as expected. NHBC generally requires BBA certification for new build.

    BBA Certificates have been providing authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products for over 35 years. Every Agrément Certificate contains important data on durability, installation and compliance with Building Regulations.

    Complete approval

    We are the only window company to exceed the BBA's 20,000-cycle endurance testing for “whole of life” sash windows. This is an onerous test designed to recreate a 20-year lifetime of a product.

    Our product range is fully BBA approved. That includes components, balances, hardware; even the Georgian bars get a BBA certificate for the sealed units’ lifetime.

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  • ISO 9001:2015

    Constant production standards for every frame

    BBA certification alone doesn't guarantee security or reliability. Which is why we have in place ISO9001:2015 to guarantee consistency of production and SBD, Secured by Design, the preferred standard the police seek for enhanced security.

    ISO 9001:2015 means our management system has reached the following standards: -

    An ability to consistently provide products to meet customer and relevant regulatory requirements.

    Enhanced customer satisfaction through effective application of the system, including processes for the system’s continual improvement and conformity to customer and relevant regulatory requirements.

    But what sets us apart is the fact that we also have BBA certification of quality, are Secured by Design approved, hold BFRC A rated certificates and are members of the GGF. We’re pretty sure you’ll find that makes us both unique and well-qualified to make you great sash windows.

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  • Secured by Design

    When enhanced security matters

    The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) set up Secured by Design (SBD) to encourage the building industry to adopt crime prevention measures in housing. The scheme creates a safer and more secure environment, including safer windows.

    We pay to have our products tested and to belong to this organisation. Very few products meet these security levels but SBD make sure our windows are as secure as we claim.

    The programme is endorsed and supported by The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and funded through partnership with companies like ours. Our products meet technical standards identified by the ACPO – so the windows we supply you with are independently tested and deemed secure.

    The scheme requires manufacturers to meet six core criteria:

    1. Integrated approach – all interested parties are involved from discussions to completion of building developments.

    2. Environmental quality and sense of ownership – ensuring the environment is well designed, attractive, well defined and maintained to promote a sense of pride, shared ownership and community responsibility.

    3. Natural surveillance – designing the development layout to ensure community areas are open to view.

    4. Access and footpath – adequate access that limits potential for multiple escape routes. 

    5. Open space provision and management – making sure open spaces are overlooked and well maintained.

    6. Lighting – ensuring communal areas and pathways are well lit and avoid shadow, for security and safety. 

    Many companies will claim that their sash windows have SBD Accreditation when this is not the case. Always check any claims made on the SBD website – www.securedbydesign.com – selecting vertical sliding windows.


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  • WERs and BFRC

    A rated as standard

    BFRC is the British Fenestration Ratings Council and they decide how to interpret energy efficiency calculations for the whole of the UK. All our windows are A rated as standard, but we can offer C rated which is still the industry standard requirement.

    The BFRC rate products from F to A rating. A rated is energy neutral or energy positive, in that the window gains more heat than it loses over its annual cycle.


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    Only the best are good enough

    Having obtained the first five certificates from the BFRC, we were also recognised by the Energy Savings Trust as the first company to be recommended by them in the UK. The EST can only recommend the top 20% of highest performing companies.

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    Setting standards, safeguarding interests

    Masterframe have been GGF members since the mid 90s. Our MD has served on the GGF main board and chaired the Home Improvement Executive, FENSA and the BFRC. Membership gives you greater protection on a number of levels.

    Our technical director sits on the liaison panel between FENSA and GGF to ensure rules are easy for industry to follow and we don’t get over-burdened by red tape.

    Unlike FENSA, which has to be open to every new company by law, the GGF only accepts companies that are financially secure. To ensure members deliver high quality service, the GGF visits the company's premises, checks three years of accounts and takes up trade references.

    As a trade installer you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

     - Greater protection against Masterframe going bust

    - A greater chance of recovering deposits or having work completed

    - An arbitration service in the unlikely event you're unhappy with our workmanship.


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  • Doubleglazingcompanies.com

    Independent review web site

    We welcome good feedback, but we don’t shy away if we have got something wrong. Designed for installers like you (its free to join) we encourage feedback on the independent review web site for the industry – doubleglazingcompanies.com

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  • CE marking 

    All our sash windows have been CE marked since July 1st 2013

    CE marking indicates that a product is compliant to EU laws so that it can be traded anywhere within the EU. ‘CE’ marking is on many (but no all) products across the 27 member states of the EU together with Iceland, Turkey, Liechtenstein and Norway. 

    The mark is proof that the manufacture of a given product is satisfied that the products it manufactures, meets the health, safety and environmental standards expected by Europe. Attaching the CE mark onto a product, signifies that the manufacturer believes their products conform to these legal requirements, as set out by the EU.

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  • Veka Approved Fabricator

    As an Approved Fabricator you can be assured that we supply the highest quality windows manufactured from Halo profile - a brand of the market leading VEKA UK Group. To achieve our coveted Approved status, we have been audited on over 70 different factors regarding our manufacturing systems and skills by The VEKA UK Group.

    Successful completion of this audit demonstrates that we are producing our products to the high levels demanded by the industry's leading systems company. 

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  • Made in the UK

    We have always selected UK suppliers for our parts, components and machinery, however, following the referendum decision to leave the EU it is even more important that we continue this stance.

    Our sash windows are manufactured at our factory in Essex.

    Whilst we have a diverse range of cultures within the business, we are very proud of their contribution, skill set and attention to detail, it means that we can continue to make products using the very best quality from companies within the United Kingdom.

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<h3>Setting standards, safeguarding interests</h3>
<p>Masterframe have been GGF members since the mid 90s. Our MD has served on the GGF main board and chaired the Home Improvement Executive, FENSA and the BFRC. Membership gives you greater protection on a number of levels.</p>
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