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We have a great team here at Masterframe. Loyal employees, dedicated to customer service and ready to help, whenever asked.

Knowledgeable and experienced, each of them can provide critical information quickly, turning round quotes within 24 hrs, and maybe even quicker if you ask nicely!

They can provide loan samples, showroom samples, brochures and product advice. They can also offer clever ideas about marketing to help increase your sales, including duplicate quotes for your customers – making you look even more professional.

Our order processing department prepares quotes to support the sales team.

They ensure confirmations are correct and work is scheduled, planned and made to your specifications. In production and transport, Georgina will ensure that your windows are delivered on time and in good order.

Should anything not go to plan or need replacing, then we will gladly arrange for our service engineer to visit.

Remember we don’t compete with you, we don’t install, we just make sash windows. So it makes perfect sense for us to help you in any way that we can. 

The Directors

Ray, Carol and Alan

We believe we have a duty to set the standards for the business so you’ll always find the directors very approachable and prepared to help.

Carol Slade

Our Managing Director

Setting and demanding high standards of customer service excellence, from everyone at Masterframe, she leads from the front and works tirelessly for every customer, every hour of every day.

Ray Rabett

Our Technical & Compliance Director

As an approved simulator and sitting on the board of BFRC, his wealth of knowledge is second to none be it CE marking, BFRC British or European standards. He knows the regulations and helps ensure our customers comply with them.

Richard Howe

National Sales Manager

Richard is your contact for commercial projects and technical queries. He is available for one on one meetings nationwide.

John Samuels

Bygone Development Manager

Ever ready to help grow his customers’ business, John Samuels looks after the network of Master Installers across the country.

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