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TIMBERWELD® is a patented method of fusion welding two sections together but hiding the welded seam behind a vertical butt joint.  The appearance is the same as you’ll see on original timber sash windows, vertical joints, just like timber.  Masterame has the exclusive license to manufacture sash windows using this method and all classic collection now come standard with this technology.


The Perfect Match

Aesthetically, Timberweld® joints will blend in with all architectural styles, Georgian, and Victorian, and will be suitable for use in both conservation areas and in the most contemporary developments.

The technology is material neutral and in the case of PVC-U, Bygone sash windows will be the perfect match for casement windows and doors that are offered with Timberweld®.

The Advantages Of Timberweld®

  • Beautiful and authentic-looking every bit like a timber original joint
  • Looks as if it has been produced by a master craftsman
  • Most butt joints in the market today are open-ended but Timberweld® joints are completely sealed from the elements
  • No open chambers to allow in rainwater, draughts, bugs and flies
  • Timberweld® joints blend in with all architectural styles
  • Suitable for use in Conservation Areas and in the most contemporary of developments
  • Masterframe has the sole license to produce sash windows with Timberweld® technology
  • Masterframe sash windows with Timberweld® will be the perfect match for casement windows and doors offered with Timberweld®

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