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With Greater Detail

Vintage is in a league of its own. Designed for clients who appreciate authentic detailing, like chamfered sashes and staff bead options for both inside and outside frames.

Deep bottom rail, deep cill, run-through horns, and white foil make this an excellent choice for planners and conservation areas.

Vintage Specification

The Vintage is an outstanding sash window with patented Timberweld butt joints and Secured by Design as standard. Using heavy duty balances like Torso II and robust cam catches for maximum security and reliability, more durable components inevitably add cost but make our Vintage Collection excellent value.


Standard spec

  • Timberweld® joints (see Glossary for more details)
  • A rated as standard – Window Energy Rating by BFRC
  • Secured by Design approved – an Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) for complete peace of mind
  • 10 year guarantee
  • White wood foil
  • Authentic deep cill (55mm)
  • Exclusive Staff Bead outerframe design
  • External putty line detail to match original features
  • Tilt restrictors to all sliding sashes to assist with easy cleaning
  • Torso II spring balances tested to 50 000 cycles
  • Choice of fully suited bespoke hardware available in Champagne gold or chrome
  • Exclusive locking cam catches with nylon insert to protect the claw from scratching and allowing smooth engagement
  • Exclusive Georgi®Clips where Georgian designs requested ensuring the bars remain attached for life
  • Exclusive patented white infill strip allows a perfect finish
  • Exclusive cill pads create a weather tight seal
  • Deep 105 mm bottom rail
  • Integral mullion on multi-light windows

Optional features

  • A pair of lockable limit stops to reduce opening initially to 100mm
  • Cream foil
  • Continuous horn detail
  • For added ventilation trickle vents to sash or frame or a two position keep which can be locked in open position
  • Exclusive internal staff bead picture frames the window
  • Egress options for easy exit in the case of fire
  • Colour matched to any Farrow & Ball, RAL, British Standard Colours and other leading brand paint manufactuers’ colours
  • Obscured or etched glass for extra privacy or a decorative finish
  • Large 63 mm bottom rail
  • Welded construcion (mitred)
  • Standard PVC-U cill

Window Styles and Specifications

To help you visualise what your new sash windows will look like, we’ve listed some of the more popular window designs to give you some idea of the variety available. The design of the Georgian bar layout changes the appearance of windows, so it’s vital to select those that match your current windows or those that existed previously.

The Perfect Match

Aesthetically, Timberweld® joints will blend in with all architectural styles, Georgian, and Victorian, and will be suitable for use in both conservation areas and in the most contemporary developments.

The technology is material neutral and in the case of PVC-U, Masterframe sash windows will be the perfect match for casement windows and doors that are offered with Timberweld®.

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