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You’ve probably come across plenty of properties fitted with inappropriate windows. We’ve found that working with authorities and taking time to listen to their issues, has enabled us to produce PVC-U sash windows, which planning inspectors say, “enhance and improve” sensitive areas, “protecting conservation areas”.

The UK’s Most Advanced

All in the Fitting

PVC-U tends to have larger sightlines than aluminium and steel but very similar proportions to Victorian sash windows. By far the biggest issue is the use of inappropriate designs. In order to cut costs, installers often leave the existing box frame in-situ, replacing just the broken or rotten sashes. This doubles the bulk of replacement windows.

In an effort to fit windows quickly, they either “insert” casements into the old frame or install new windows on the outside front skin of brickwork. This cost-cutting increases visible plastic sightlines, reduces natural daylight, and significantly reduces ventilation and escape options in an emergency. They also ruin a property’s character and reduce its value.

We cannot control how windows are fitted, but you can insist that replacements are installed correctly. Our guidelines can help you – if you require names of our recommended installers who we trust to follow these guidelines, please contact us.

Components You’ll Appreciate

When conservation officers and planners take a close look at our products, they’re often surprised by the components we use:

  • Wood white foil instead of shiny white plastic
  • Timberweld® butt-jointed construction
  • Continuous horns over plastic bolt-on extras
  • Real-feel, three-dimensional plant on Georgian bars to create shadow lines, rather than artificial, two-dimensional canes between glass.

As specialists, we’re able to produce just about any sash window feature. All we ask is that you give us a detailed specification so we can build each window to your precise requirements. If there is something specific you require, we will happily send you a sample upon request. You could use the sample to show a customer, architect or planners, etc, or simply not sure if you can sell sash windows, then borrow a sample scheme is right for you.

Seal of Approval

All our products are BBA approved and manufactured to ISO quality standards. All our products are CE marked, A, B or C-rated, Energy Efficient, and come Secured by Design – the Police preferred programme when requested.

And when planning inspectors say that your windows “resemble timber originals even at close quarters” then you know you are getting it right. We’d be delighted to discuss sash windows with you in detail, so you can see first-hand just how closely they match original sash windows.

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