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Our Passion

Every component has been analysed, modified, and improved to make the most authentic PVC-U sash window possible. We’re passionate and dedicated to creating perfect styles and manufacturing truly authentic designs of traditional sash windows.

Since 1988 we have dedicated enormous resources into making sash windows that replicate the designs and recreate the magic that only this style offers. Ours are as true in appearance to the originals as it’s possible to be.

We will make any design of the sash window you need, we just want you to enjoy windows that work well, are energy efficient and secure, and provide years of trouble-free usage.

A Passion For Sash Windows

Too many people choose windows on price alone. This never delivers great quality; owners invariably end up with products that quickly fall apart or degrade their home’s character.

Your customers  will  find that we have created authentic products that are far more secure, thermally efficient, and require substantially less maintenance than their existing windows. They have a range of choices and can decide which of our three Classic sash windows best match their needs.

As a trade installer buying sash windows for clients, you will appreciate the  comprehensive range of colours, styles, and designs you can offer. This will provide them with real choice, along with sensible pricing, delivered to you free on the UK mainland, on time and in full.

A Passion For Perfection

Finding trustworthy suppliers and installers can be a daunting prospect. Purchasing windows isn’t something you do every day so it can be confusing when every company is claiming their products are the best.

Most people would like beautiful, real sash windows that are secure and energy-efficient, however, they have to look right and the workmanship must meet your expectations. Homeowners want the best windows they can afford, so it’s important to explain why sash windows are more expensive than casements:

  • In general terms, trade “supply-only” prices of sash windows are two or three times those of casements. This is because there’s twice as much steel and profile used and considerably more hardware and fittings needed.
  • Fitting charges are generally higher because sash window replacement requires the old box to be removed. This means there are fewer windows to spread the costs over – often just two windows per day, not five or six.

So if you are changing windows in your home, it is vital you understand what is being offered within the prices you are quoted because you may find someone who is cutting corners, offering casements, rushing the fitting or who lacks any passion for your property.

Most people appreciate that quality products generally cost a little more; using careful installers who take more time is slightly more expensive. Windows that incorporate prettier finishes, better insulation and stronger furniture cost more than standard styles.

As an installer or homeowner, you can be assured that these windows will work. They are robust, well-constructed and renowned for reliability, so you’ll avoid service calls.

A Passion For Improvements

We never stop making improvements. Through a continuous commitment to innovation, we’ve come up with some pioneering techniques in crafting the best sash windows. We design novel new components like foam draught baffles, foam cill pads, Georgi® clips, and balance retaining clips to crack previously problematic production flaws.

Knowing exactly what goes into our products enables you to be fully informed so that you can justify investment in a quality product. For more information on our beautiful sash windows, Glossary of Terms, and video library access just fill in our inquiry form below.

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