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Frequently Asked Questions

10 years on the frames and sashes, 10 years on the glass and one year on the hardware.

Authentic 1.5

Heritage 1.5

Vintage 1.5

All the above backed up by a CE Declaration

Masterframe windows are generally ‘A’ rated, however this is dependent on the glass chosen and some would be ‘B’ rated.

No we only focus on producing the best, most authentic sash windows possible.

Secured by Design is an ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers (UK)) Third party endorsement scheme.  The entire window would have to firstly be tested and pass the PAS24 (Publicly Available Specification) standard in order to achieve SDB approval.

– The window frame has more re-enforcement.

– Upgraded rider blocks are used

– A secure locking claw cam catch comes standard with the window (Vintage and Heritage only ) Upgrade option on Authentic

NB:  Where a two stage keep is fitted for ventilation purposes, the window will not be PAS24/Secured by Design accredited when locked in the secondary position.

Minimum is 380 wide x 750 high

Maximum – this depends on the configuration of the window, range and glass.  If you have your correct dimensions to hand we can confirm if it will be possible for us to manufacture it.

If a window is over 926 mm wide then the window will have two cam catches.  If the window is less than 926 mm wide then one cam catch is supplied unless there is a central bar in which case there will be two.

Yes, however this is size and weight dependent.

Standard window  4 – 6 weeks

Sprayed  6 – 8 weeks

Shaped (including arched infills) 8 – 10 weeks

London Arch 8 – 10 weeks

Special glass 1 extra week on any of the above

Lead designs  1 extra week on any of the above

Delivery is free on the UK mainland

Yes, in fact they are our speciality and we offer a range of different shapes including swept heads, arches, Gothic arches and London Style which is square internally and arched externally.

All of our bay posts are non-load bearing but they are hollow which allows load bearing solutions to be used in conjunction

The key difference is:

– The London Sash has an arch infill panel on the glass only, giving the impression of an arch.

– A London Sash and Frame has an additional arched frame section on the external head of the window to replicate the look of an actual arched head. (Only available on Vintage and Heritage)

The closest matches are:

Cream White RAL 9001/Renolit PX 47848 – 10100

White: RAL9010/Renolit

White Gloss RAL 9016

Deep – 105 mm

Large – 63 mm

20 mm

Masterframe can colour match to all leading brand paint brands such as Farrow & Ball, RAL colours, British Standard colours (BS) and Dulux.

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