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NEOsash® – the new generation of Sash Windows

NEOsash® windows combine the aethetics of traditional sash windows with the very latetst in glazing technology which not only looks great but also surpasses the demands of the modern home.



Featuring FINEO – Vacuum-insulating Glass

FINEO is the next generation of vacuum-insulating glass with unrivalled thermal performance. Consisting of two panes of glass separated by a vacuum gap, FINEO glass is 12.5% more energy efficient than a 36mm triple glazed unit.

NEOsash® – cutting technology

NEOsash® windows feature FINEO vacuum glass, the vary latest generation of glazing that has an insulation value similar to that of triple-glazed windows, but is only 10mm thick (a fraction of the thickness of triple-glazing) and exceptionally lightweight.

Engineered with a blend of traditional aesthetics and attention to detail, this sash window will add value to any home where the architectural design requires new sash windows that will maintain the original character of the building.

A new level in home comfort

With NEOsash® windows you’ll feel much warmer compared to single or double glazing. Why? Due to exceptional low u-value, the internal pane is warmer, which in turn eliminates draughts and cold spots. As FINEO is so thin, you also benefit from more daylight than with triple glazing, allowing you to enjoy more natural light during the darker months.

Ultimate design for maximum indoor comfort

NEOsash® combines best in class performance with appealing aesthetics. Unlike previous vacuum glazing technologies, this unique product has no evacuation port to obstruct the view and has very thin edge seals, ensuring maximum vision area.

NEOsash® optimises indoor comfort by outperforming conventional insulating glazing.

Figures in table are glass unit performance.

Strategic partnership between FINEO and Masterframe

AGC Glass Europe and Masterframe form a strategic partnership to bring FINEO vacuum insulating glazing for PVC-U sash windows to the UK market. Discover more about this partnership.

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