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Use our informative videos and information below to guide you through the features, usage and maintenance of your sash windows from Masterframe.


Egress compliance ensures our windows meet specific building codes regarding size and accessibility for emergency exits. Egress-compliant windows are designed to provide a safe and easily accessible means of escape in case of emergencies, such as fires.

Use this video to help you understand the Egress features of Masterframe sash windows as we guide you through using your windows to ensure your safety in case of an emergency.

Sash Window Care Guide

The sash window, or vertical sliding window, was the most ingenious product of the seventeenth-century and has found acceptance by over half of the western world.

Sash windows have influenced the architecture of buildings for more than two centuries, with many historically important buildings designed and constructed around the grace and dignity of the sash window.

Use this handy operation & maintenance guide to help you make the most of your sash windows. If you follow these instructions, and with some basic checks your windows will continue to look good and operate effectively for many years to come.

Tilt Facility

The most significant difference between the modern PVC-U sash window and its traditional equivalent, is the tilt facility. Where fitted, the tilt facility on our sash windows makes cleaning of the top and bottom sashes extremely convenient and safe.

Use this video to guide you through the tilt facility on your Masterframe sash windows.