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Ce Marking

All our sash windows have been CE marked since July 1st 2013 CE marking indicates that a product is compliant to EU laws so that it can be traded anywhere within the EU. ‘CE’ marking is on many (but not all) products across the 27 member states of the EU together with Iceland, Turkey, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The mark is proof that the manufacture of a given product is satisfied that the products it manufactures, meets the health, safety and environmental standards expected by Europe. Attaching the CE mark onto a product signifies that the manufacturer believes their products conform to these legal requirements, as set out by the EU.


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Masterframe is Thrilled to Thank Kiara for Joining Us for Work Experience!

Thank you to Kiara who has been with us for work experience over the last two weeks.

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First Anniversary of being Employee Owned

Today we celebrate the company’s first anniversary of being Employee Owned.

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FINEO Vacuum Glazing – Its time to truly understand its benefits and beauty

Masterframe has always been a Company that pushes the boundaries of innovation and its latest collaboration with AGC and its Fineo Vacuum...