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Georgi® Clips

Most people push, pull, or lift their sash windows using the Georgian bars not the handles, just watch yourself next time…

Whilst Astragal bars add character and charm to the window and recreate the original look, using them as handles excerpts considerable pressure on them, pulling them off in your hand. Getting the correct bond between glass and bar is critical.

Companies who lack experience will tend to stick bars onto the glass individually, but this increases the opportunity for shoddy joints and the number of bars that could fail. Besides which, most companies specifically exclude plant on Georgian bars from their guarantees.

Masterframe windows are unique. Clever, patented interlocking joints where the bars meet, together with Georgi®-clips (patented to our company), mean that each bar is continuous and cuts the full size of the sash. Each bar is secretly notched so they are inter-locked, clamped and then bonded against the glass surface.

We are so confident with this technology that you can open and close any of our sashes using the bars; they won’t come off.