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NEOsash® – the new generation of Sash Windows

NEOsash® windows combine the aethetics of traditional sash windows with the very latest in glazing technology which not only looks great but also surpasses the demands of the modern home.


A new level in home comfort

NEOsash® incorporates the new ground-breaking FINEO vacuum glass, which outperforms traditional insulating glass.

Using a new glass technology to create the very latest generation of glazing, consisting of two panes separated by a vacuum gap, NEOsash® has an insulation value of 1.2U.

NEOsash® windows are not only beautiful to behold but they embody a full house of authentic and exclusive features.

NEOsash® offers the same thermal performance as triple glazing, whilst being a fraction of the thickness. Thanks to NEOsash®, the heat stays inside your building, making it more comfortable without increasing your heating bill.

FINEO offers an amazing 15% more natural light. Natural light offers a variety of added benefits such as improvement to physical health and decreases utility bills.

To replicate the timber aesthetics of traditional sash windows, NEOsash® windows come, as standard, with a 39mm slim meeting rail.

Our new concealed Continuous Horn replicates that of a timber window, it creates a seamless edge that enhances a traditional appearance.

The vacuum technology has the added advantage of providing outstanding sound insulation, especially from street noise. Dampening an additional 6dB, far outperforming double or triple glazing.

NEOsash® cares deeply about the environment. FINEO glass is 100% recyclable with no waste, a truly advanced product with amazing green credentials.

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