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Tilt Restrictions

Tilt restrictors are metal side arms, made from stainless steel, that prevents windows from being dropped accidentally when being tilted inwards for cleaning.

Naturally, we want to ensure that you never have a problem so we always fit a pair of tilt restrictors to each tilting sash. On exceptionally large windows, too large to be tilted for cleaning, we fit “safety stays”. These are short sidearms, that ensure windows cannot be accidentally dropped, keeping everyone safe.

Most manufacturers of tilt restrictors have arms made from sheared metal. These leave an extremely sharp edge which acts as a pair of scissors, cutting through the brush pile and reducing its effectiveness every time they are opened or closed, causing draughts.

All Masterframe sash windows have stayed with especially rolled edges, rounded to ensure the tilt restrictor slides past the brush pile, leaving it to do its job – preventing drafts.