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This name is a registered Trade Mark that describes a unique and patented method of construction that produces traditional timber style butt joints both on the inside and the outside of the window.  The Authentic Collection comes standard with Timberweld® technology.

Timberweld® technology in summary: –

  • The all-important advantage of a product that incorporates Timberweld® technology is that it is beautiful and authentic, looking every bit like a timber original and giving the impression that it has been lovingly produced by a master craftsman.
  • Most butt joints in the market today are open-ended however, your Timberweld® joints are completely sealed from the elements with no open chambers to allow in rainwater, draughts, bugs, and flies!
  • Aesthetically, Timberweld® joints will blend in with all architectural styles, Georgian, and Victorian, and will be suitable for use in both conservation areas and in the most contemporary developments. The technology is material neutral and in the case of PVC-U, Masterframe sash windows will be the perfect match for casement windows and doors that are offered with Timberweld®.

As a result of this innovation, Masterframe is the ONLY PVC-U sash window manufacturer that can promise you an authentic, wood effect joint, complete with perfectly sealed frames and corners that look just like the timber originals.