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FINEO Vacuum Glazing – Its time to truly understand its benefits and beauty

Masterframe has always been a Company that pushes the boundaries of innovation and its latest collaboration with AGC and its Fineo Vacuum Glass certainly cements that passion. This glass and its production advances the metholody of making glass to a scientific level. Every sheet of glass taking 20 hours to produce. This futuristic process covers many micro processes each taking many hours to create perfection. The attention to detail of each process never seen before in glass making, is truly amazing.

Ray & I were able to witness this amazing process in a recent visit to the AGC Fineo Factory in Belgium. Our visit left us in no doubt that our commitment to the product is well founded and strengthens the Masterframe belief that this is the glass of the future.

The team responsible for this remarkable product headed up by Jean-Charles Dumont and Michele Rosamili have an eye for precision ensuring that each process follows the exacting standards of the last.

Recently this revolutionary product has captured the attention of our customers and in turn their customers.  Consumers genuinely see its many benefits, enhanced sound attenuation, better heat performance, greater solar control, and ground-breaking guarantees, all glass units now covered by  20 year guarantee.

These benefits highly outperform those of most other glass units but the magic is in the elegant visual appearance Fineo Glass offers when incorporated in a Masterframe Sash Window. Neosash creates an offering to its customers not seen before in a a sash window. The Fineo glass provides such a sleek appearance to the eye it replicates that of a single glazed timber window but with so many other benefits, not to mention the cost savings in maintenance it truly is a sustainable product of the future.

Masterframe have been making sash windows for 37 years and are proud of each and every window that leaves our factory, each window is very carefully and sensitively made to ensure it delivers on quality excellence, performance and beautiful design – Fineo Glass enhances those Company commitments to a new level of exquisiteness.

If you would like to see our NEOsash window its on show at our showroom and many showrooms throughout the UK get in touch to find your nearest one.