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At Masterframe, we not only offer multi-award-winning sash windows but strive to ensure that our customer service complements the quality of our products. We believe that in this past year, we have emerged from the pandemic with more of a connection to what is important. Now is the perfect time to re-commit to offering good old fashioned service based on good old fashioned values.

Carol Slade, Managing Director for Masterframe Windows says “It is not enough for us to make a sale; we want to connect with our customers in a meaningful way. We hope to be considered partners that understand their business aspirations and behave with integrity and empathy at all times. Our customer’s success is our success and we are with them every step of the journey to the sale and beyond.

Equally, our customer’s concerns are also our concerns. Nothing goes smoothly all the time, in life or in business and when things do not, we are committed to putting it right. The world is rapidly changing but the basic old fashioned rules still apply. It is our mission to treat every customer the way we would expect to be treated when making a very special investment. The team at Masterframe all buy into this ethos and intend to be even more customer focussed now and in the future.

In line with above, Masterframe offers the following services as standard:-

• Expert technical support and a dedicated Technical & Compliance Director who is on hand to work on bespoke solutions where required and to provide insights and advice on new regulations as they arise.

• Product training by brand experts who have in-depth, detailed knowledge on every last feature that has been engineered into beautiful Masterframe sash windows to give them the edge both in authenticity and performance.

• Quotes turned around in 24-48 hours accompanied by a customised proposal so that Masterframe customers can be first in line with their quotation.

• CAD drawings where necessary to assist in securing an order or project.

• Dedicated and highly focussed Customer Care team including two experienced factory trained Quality Control Engineers who receive many glowing testimonials for their exemplary service. The teamwork hard to resolve any issues as soon as possible with the least possible disruption so that a positive outcome is achieved.

To find out more about how Masterframe can assist you in increasing your sash window sales, call the friendly sales team on 01376 510 410 or visit the dedicated trade website at