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The news could not have been better received last night when it was announced at 9pm that Masterframe Windows had scooped the top spot along with Listers in the most prestigious of awards.

According to the National Fenestration website “This is the longest voting list by far. This was also the category that we had the most nominations in. This is the most populous part of the industry and is perhaps the most competitive. We of course cannot call this a shortlist, there’s nothing short about it! It would have been harsh to exclude many of these companies as so many were nominated that we felt it only fair that we include them all. It makes this year’s fabricator/manufacturer category the hardest to call yet!”

Carol Slade, Sales & Operations Director addressed all staff members today, thanking them for all their hard work and said “It was a very competitive category and we were nominated alongside 23 big names in the fenestration industry so as a relatively small family business, we are most proud of this achievement.  Special thanks must also go to all our loyal customers who took the time out of their busy days to cast their vote which clinched the positive outcome.”

Masterframe is nominated in another four categories: –

  • New product of the year
  • PVC Company
  • Timber Alternative Company
  • Vertical Sliding Window Company

Winners will be revealed at 9 pm each night this week.