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Customer Feedback

Things do not always run smoothly

Things do not always run smoothly but it’s nice to know that our customers appreciate that we really do care about the end result as this wonderful testimonial from Bygone Master Installer, Corsham Building Plastic proves.

“Can I just say that I really appreciate you contacting us and letting us know that you were not happy with the very minor imperfections in the London arch profile and took the time to take video/pictures and email highlighting the proposed issue. It’s very refreshing to know that you take care in the manufacturing of products and don’t allow these small defects through, which could potentially cause more hassle in the long run. Obviously the end user can become frustrated from this with the potential time delays, but it’s more important to deliver the finished product perfect, which they will thank you for in the end.

Well done all, kind regards“

Adam Gingell
Corsham Building Plastics.